We are aiming for a better deal for our noodle wheat growing members. We’ve established close communications with our customers and are working to improve the problems with the value transfer throughout the noodle wheat supply chain.

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The Need for Change

The Noodle Co-op was founded mid 2016 on a farm known as "Moorak" in Shackelton, Western Australia. Months earlier important Japanese customers had met on the same farm to complain about high prices for noodle wheat and supply problems.  The noodle growers were surprised by the Japanese customers but explained to them they weren't being paid enough for the risk of growing noodle wheat.  All present agreed that there was a need to improve the noodle industry.


“WA noodle growers have created a State treasure as we are the world's leading producers of high quality udon noodle wheat. Let's protect it and try to grow this important export industry.”


  • A lean and focused growers co-op engaged in true market development
  • Member services delivering value to farm gate
  • Co-op funded only from value added innovation and services
  • Skilled Board of engaged noodle growers aligned with member interests
  • Independent advocate for Noodle Industry and close customer relations
  • No membership fees, only a nominal fee of $5 for a share (refundable)    

Only when growers come together have they been able to create change in the farming industry for their benefit.  A co-operative enables noodle growers to get organised to ensure they get a better deal.  With focus and action change can be achieved to benefit WA's noodle growers.

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Our Mission

The Noodle Co-op is keen to get a better deal for noodle growers.  To do this the Noodle Co-op is working to provide greater value to customers by delivering valuable information in exchange for incentives for noodle growing members. The aim is to ensure noodle growing members would receive additional incentives beyond the price received for their noodle wheat alone. All members get a portion of the incentive in accordance with their level of noodle wheat production that meets the requirements of the customer.  This means more dollars at the farm gate for members.

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Get Involved

Join with other noodle growers and become a member of the co-op.  It is the best way to support your fellow growers and to assist the efforts of the Board.

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