Becoming a member of the Noodle Co-op is the best way to get a better deal for your noodle wheat.



Benefits to you of Membership


Noodle Co-op members enjoy:

  • A lean and focused growers co-op engaged in true market development
  • Member services delivering real value to farm gate
  • Co-op funded only from value added innovation and services
  • Skilled Board of engaged noodle growers aligned with member interests
  • Independent advocate for Noodle Industry and close customer relations
  • No membership fees, only a nominal fee of $5 a share (refundable)  



What we’ve accomplished:



Formation of co-op and appointment of an excellent team who can create change and deliver benefits for members.



Communication and developing relationships with key customers and all industry participants.



Commenced implementation of an industry leading innovative solution that can deliver real value to customers and a better deal at the farm gate for noodle growers.