About the Noodle Co-op


Why a Co-op?


The Noodle Co-op was formed when a group of concerned noodle growers heard directly from customers of the need for a better noodle wheat industry.  The Noodle Co-operative was registered in early 2016 with the WA Government and is a traditional non-distributing co-op with shares (common farmer style of co-op).


Who runs the Co-op?

The Board of the Co-op

The Board of the Co-op includes a group of experienced and keen noodle growers including: Sean Powell (Chairman) of Shackleton, Ron Creagh from Nungarin, Graeme Robertson from Kulin and Secretary and Special Adviser Teague Czislowski.



What are the rules of the Co-op?

Rules and Purpose

The purpose of the Noodle Co-op is the promotion and development of the noodle wheat industry by providing services to members, including:   

(a) to seek a fair return for members and to assist them to reduce the risks of noodle wheat growing; 

(b) to set standards for participants in the noodle wheat industry.

To be an active member you must — 

Demonstrate your ability to plant, grow and produce marketable noodle wheat varieties in traditional noodle growing areas as determined by the board for each growing season; and

Members must provide information regarding their noodle wheat growing activities in a form approved by the board.




Support for the Noodle Co-op is the best way you can help yourself and the noodle industry.